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It’s natural to feel conflicted and overwhelmed if you discover that your employer is defrauding the government. You may want to report this unlawful act but fear the repercussions of whistleblowing.

Before you take action, contact our employment law team at Sam Nicholson Law Office, PLLC. We offer free, confidential consultations so that you can share your concerns with a skilled attorney and learn whether you have a case. Our founding lawyer, Sam Nicholson, can help you make smart decisions about your situation before you file a complaint.

Basic Information About The False Claims Act

The False Claims Act (FCA) was passed to fight fraud by encouraging employees to report deceptive practices. The FCA protects employees who provide tips or file complaints from retaliatory acts that include termination, harassment or demotions. Employees may also receive a monetary award if the complaint leads to an investigation that recovers money from the company or individual that perpetuated the fraud.

You may have cause to file a complaint if you observe an individual or business engaging in these acts at your workplace:

  • Submitting false claims for government payments, such as Medicare claims
  • Falsifying information on government forms or reports, such as tax forms
  • Failing to provide full payment for government property
  • Falsifying information regarding sale or purchase of government property

FCA cases are complex, which is one reason whistleblowing employees are required to retain an attorney to handle their case. Sam Nicholson is qualified to assist you with all aspects of your issue. He can help you complete all documentation, build a strong argument and defend against opposing counsel’s version of events.

As a knowledgeable employment law attorney, Mr. Nicholson can also protect your rights at work in Kentucky if you fear your employer will take adverse action against you.

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