Women may face age discrimination earlier than men

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Even well-educated women in Louisville face challenges trying to shatter the “glass ceiling” that may keep them from being hired or promoted. However, gender discrimination is not the only type of discrimination women may face. Women, even those who are millennials, may also face age discrimination in the workplace.

Female millennials may face age discrimination

In 2021, the oldest millennials, those born in 1981, will be turning 40. This is significant, as they will then become eligible to file a legal claim against their employer via the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) of 1967 if they believe they were subjected to age discrimination in the workplace. However, many millennial women are already facing age discrimination in the workplace, especially since discrimination in the workplace generally peaks during and after a recession when there is widespread unemployment, the situation many would say we are in right now.

Age discrimination in the hiring process

One study had researchers send U.S. employers over 40,000 resumes, and then examined how age and gender affected the hiring process. According to the analysis, by age 50 women received significantly fewer responses from employers than women under age 50. However, men age 50 did not face a similar age penalty. However, once women and men reached age 65, both genders experienced widespread age discrimination in the hiring process.

In a separate study, researchers had 150 individuals rate 40 different resumes. Women’s resumes saw a steep decline in ratings at age 36 or earlier, while men’s ratings generally were not affected until they reached their 50s.

Women who are facing age discrimination may have options

It is easy to assume that middle age adults will not face age discrimination, but this may not be the case for many women, even millennials. Women who have faced age discrimination in the workplace may want to learn more about their options, including filing a legal claim if appropriate. Readers may find our webpage on age discrimination to be a useful source of information.