U.S. law prohibits religious discrimination in the workplace

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One of the greatest rights granted to us by law is the freedom to practice whatever religion we choose. However, sometimes an employer in Kentucky will wrongfully discriminate against an employee based on that employee’s religion. It is important for employees to understand their rights in such situations. The following is a brief overview of religious discrimination in the workplace.

Freedom from discrimination and harassment

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, workers cannot be treated differently from their co-workers or harassed in the workplace based on the religion they practice. It is not only managers who can violate religious discrimination laws. Co-workers and others in the workplace can unlawfully discriminate or harass workers based on their religion.

Special accommodations

In addition, if a person needs special accommodations in the workplace so they can practice their religion, employers must honor such requests as long as the requests are reasonable. Employers might not have to honor such accommodations if such accommodations would be to expensive, would negatively impact workplace efficiency, could affect workplace safety or if the accommodations would have a negative effect on the rights of other workers.

Seek legal help if you were subject to religious discrimination in the workplace

If you believe you were wrongfully discriminated against or harassed in the workplace based on your religion, you may want to explore your legal options to remedy the situation. There may be internal procedures to follow before taking legal action. This post does not contain legal advice, so if you believe a lawsuit is necessary it can help to seek the assistance of an employment law attorney in Kentucky who can explain how anti-discrimination laws affect the facts of your case.