Whistleblower suit with Kentucky Elections board settled

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Most employees take their job seriously. This means taking on a duty beyond the role one was hired to do by ensuring those around them are doing what is expected of them. When an employ suspects that there is a violation of state or federal laws in the workplace, he or she may want to speak up. However, employees often fear what may come of their job if they blow the whistle on their employer or colleague. Even if one loses their job after making such a report, it is possible to take action as a whistleblower, as there are protections in place for this exact reason.

Wrongful termination

According to recent reports, a staff member for the Kentucky State Board of Elections was successful in a whistleblower suit asserting wrongful termination. Based on details, he was fired back in 2017 after accusing the Secretary of Sate’s Office of improperly fathering voter information during campaigns.

While they assert that this settlement is not an admission of guilt, the state agreed to pay the male employee $142,500 as a settlement for the damages caused by the wrongful termination he alleged.

Whistleblower protections

The employee stated that he was protected as a whistleblower, as he filed a formal complaint with the Executive Branch Ethics Commission. He also stated that he formally complained to four other members of the State Board of Elections about the conduct of the former Secretary of state, despite denying any wrongdoings. While a settlement has been reached in the matter, investigations into these claims remain ongoing.

When an employee believes that they suffered a wrongful termination or mistreatment in the workplace, he or she could take legal action for this employment law matter. This not only ensures that one’s rights as an employee are protected, but it also helps establish what resolutions are present and if damages are recoverable.