Steps to take if a person has suffered sex discrimination in the workplace

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Despite it being 2020, there is still gender discrimination in Kentucky workplaces. Most of the time women are discriminated against and because of the discrimination they don’t receive the same salary as men, are harassed at work, and don’t receive the promotion they deserve. If a person believes they have been the victim of gender discrimination at work, there are steps they should take.

No employee ever thinks they will be the victim of gender discrimination. Unfortunately, it is still common in workplaces all over Kentucky and is not a thing of the past. A victim of gender discrimination can be furious and not know what to do.

Steps you may take

There are certain steps that a victim should take:

  • Keep a record of what happened. A person should ask their co-workers if they heard anything as well and ask them to write down what they observed. These should be kept in a safe place.
  • Keep a paper trail. All emails, text messages, social media posts, voicemails should be printed and kept with the record of activity.
  • Report the incident. A gender discrimination victim should report the potential discrimination to their human resources department.
  • Consider filing a lawsuit. An attorney can help their client determine their next steps within the legal field.

It is not OK for an employer to discriminate against a person because of their gender. Gender discrimination is when a person is not hired or is fired because of their gender and also includes not promoting a candidate, not paying them an equal wage or creating a hostile work environment. A legal professional who is skilled in employment law can help their client understand their legal options and hold their employer accountable for their discrimination.