A hostile work environment is created with workplace bullying

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In Kentucky and throughout the United States, certain types of employment and workplace violations are more commonly discussed than others. For example, sexual harassment in the workplace is generally discussed daily. With the “me too” movement complete with a social media hashtag, a growing number of people are willing to speak up when sexually harassed. Wrongful termination, wage theft and discrimination are also prominent. An understated issue in many workplaces is a hostile work environment created by bullying. This too could warrant a legal filing for compensation.

Bullying can take many forms. It can be a subset of sexual harassment and discrimination. If employers do not put a stop to it, it can severely hinder the morale and efficiency of the workplace. In some cases, it is the employer or management who is doing the bullying. According to a survey by Monster, an overwhelming number of workers – 90% – said they were targeted by workplace bullies. More than half said they faced bullying by people in management. Thirty-nine percent said colleagues bullied them. People who were not employees, but customers or clients committed bullying in 4% of the cases. Women are commonly targeted by men at 65% of the cases; in 35% of the cases, men bullied other men; and in one-third of the cases, female to female bullying took place.

Workers victimized by workplace bullies can suffer myriad personal challenges mentally, emotionally and physically. Health issues, problems sleeping, stress and more can come about because of it. Obviously, it can hinder career advancement and harm a person’s ability to perform optimally on the job, regardless of the kind of work they do. It can also lead to danger as workers could be distracted and either get hurt themselves or make mistakes that lead to others getting hurt.

Employers are encouraged to emphasize that bullying will not be tolerated in the workplace and will be met with harsh sanctions. Still, if it happens, employees have the right to complain about it. If nothing is done to prevent it or it gets worse and jobs are lost, wages are diminished and personal problems ensue, having legal advice might be necessary. Discussing the case with experienced legal professionals who understand a hostile work environment may be essential. A firm that understands employment law cases may provide information and guidance on how to proceed.