Get An Advocate To Stand Up For Your Rights

No one deserves to experience hostile or demeaning treatment from a co-worker, supervisor or employer. If you believe that your employer has violated your rights, you deserve the advocacy of a strong attorney who can fight for you.

This is where Sam Nicholson Law Office, PLLC comes in. Our law firm is completely devoted to helping workers whose rights were violated.

Founded in Louisville by attorney Sam Nicholson, we help employees seek justice and recover monetary compensation following workers’ rights abuses such as:

  • Discrimination based on race, gender, age, nationality, disability or religion
  • Discrimination based on sexual orientation
  • Sexual harassment
  • Employer retaliation
  • Unpaid wages
  • Misclassification of contractors
  • Safety violations

You do not have to endure the trampling of your rights in the workplace. Contact us today and we can become your advocates.

Personal Attention From A Lawyer Who Cares

Attorney Nicholson has dedicated his career primarily to employment law issues. He founded Sam Nicholson Law Office, PLLC, because he wanted to open a law firm that was focused on fighting for the rights of Kentucky workers.

When you work with Mr. Nicholson, he will give you his utmost attention. Throughout your case, he will provide excellent communication to give detailed updates about important developments. His top-notch client service will prove reassuring during an otherwise stressful situation.

Get to know him better by looking at his full attorney profile.

Get A Lawyer On Your Side Today

Mr. Nicholson will be your skilled advocate in your employment law battle. You can schedule a free initial consultation with him by contacting our firm in Louisville. To reach us, call Sam Nicholson Law Office, PLLC or send us an email.